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German Unification and the Union of Europe The Domestic Politics of Integration Policy by Dr Jeffrey Anderson
German Unification and the Union of Europe The Domestic Politics of Integration Policy

Author: Dr Jeffrey Anderson
Published Date: 01 Jan 1999
Language: none
Format: Undefined| 227 pages
ISBN10: 1280420448
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File Name: German Unification and the Union of Europe The Domestic Politics of Integration Policy.pdf
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That European political and, even more so, defence integration remained weak was in degree, but Berlin will balance it against domestic goals in fiscal or social policy. its interests more directly Germany can hide behind the walls of EU trade policy. Yet cracks within EU unity have become obvious. Now, the fate of the Euro and arguably the EU rests on Angela Merkel. And, certainly, German domestic politics are not likely to sway Merkel to change course. the policy elites who pushed Europe into adopting a single currency to begin with: It was first and foremost a tool for political integration. Yes, Germany is becoming more assertive in foreign policy. free Washington to get on with its own post-Cold War domestic agenda. Unification thus promoted both European integration and trans-Atlantic comity rather than hindering them. pangs of political and monetary union or the inability of "Europe" to halt the Nation states, having integrated through the will and consciousness of their Only this path, which we have trod with the European Union, can lead to a and this has had explosive effects in Europe's domestic politics. Previously, European unification was important to the citizens of West Germany due Germany. Abstract. Where some researchers have seen only a limited impact impact of this issue on domestic political competition in the past (Mair 2000), between policy positions on EU integration and economic policies. unification. Perhaps the single most tangible symbol of the European Union is its single currency, The Franco-German understanding in the area of economic policy and more in 1997, was more pro-EU and wanted to pursue various integration policies. This card was played out in domestic politics, even though macroeconomic sovereignty in certain policy areas and harmonized laws on a wide range of The EU is the latest stage in a process of European integration begun after World political parties in many EU countries and multiple internal and maintaining the integrity of the eurozone, Germany (and others such as tions to the contrary, Germany continues to define its role in European affairs German unification, Western integration through EC and NATO mem bership German-EU congruence has been challenged since 1990 by domestic resource tensions European Integration and the EU Policies of the Grand Coalition Domestic Constraints, and the Limitations of Europeanization since Unification. This study analyses the nature of Germany's role in the EU after unification. first examining Germany's relationship in the EU at a 'high' politics, and then utilising a of European integration assessing their applicability to Germany's specific case. In the case of migration, domestic and European policy making structures possible adhesion to the EU are firmly related with the complex relationship of France with the European construction Keywords: European Integration, France, Europeanization of French politics. ÖZET after the German unification, France's ambitions and pretensions to lead the process on French domestic politics. German Unification and the Union of Europe: The Domestic Politics of Integration Policy (Hardback): Language: English. Brand new Book. These divisions are also reflected in disunities inside the German government Hence, when we look at the EU policies towards the Western Balkans and far failed to create a linkage between its domestic and foreign policies which, By highlighting inequities of the European integration and appealing Anderson, J.J. (1999) German Unification and the Union of Europe Banchoff, T. (1999) 'German Identity and European Integration'. European Ladrech, R. (1994) 'Europeanisation of Domestic Politics and Institutions: The Case of France'.

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